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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Testing Blog - why have one?

Why do experienced bloggers always have a testing blog, or ten? Here's a good reason. One blogger's plight ...

"I added a certain widget to my blog, XXXXXX, which adds a toolbar to your blog. It screwed up my Favicon so I had to set it up again through HTML. Now my tab browser isn't showing my blog title, YYYYYY. Instead, it shows the whole URL address,

This problem has also changed the way my blog is searched on Google. Instead of YYYYYY popping up on the search, the first link on the search shows the date of my last post."

If I am going to 'add' anything to one my blogs, I always add it to my 'testing-blog', first. It's just a regular blog, like all the rest, but I keep it for 'testing'. If something goes awry, like has happened to the above blogger, then it doesn't happen on my main blog!

Do yourselves a favour and create a blog (they are FREE and you can have as many as you want) - just for testing things out! It may be an add-on, it may be a certain bit of script, or whatever. You want to see how something works, looks, behaves? Do it on a testing blog. Maybe it's something to do with that 'blog you don't want anymore!'


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