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Monday, 26 April 2010

Uploading a 'Saved' Back-up Copy of a blog Template

I've written about 'Backing-up your blog template' on a couple of occasions, and given reasons for its importance. Here's one...

Reverting to a previously 'saved' copy of your template.

I was playing around with the New Template designer, today. Yeah, it's OK, and I have converted a couple of my blogs to fancy new templates, but on one blog, the changes didn't 'look' as nice 'live', as I thought they would from the Blogger in Draft wizard - or the original setting/layout wasn't what I liked. Yes, I could have spent the time changing everything to suit, but I didn't have that time, so I decided to revert to my previous template. I had to up-load a 'saved' copy - a lot quicker, and easier. Luckily, I always back-up - regularly!

Image 1. The New Template (Header didn't suit and would have to go, or get aligned properly).

Image 2. Using the Layout screen - Edit HTML - 'Upload a template from a file on my hard drive'

Image 3. Selecting the 'saved' copy of my template from a file on my computer (I have a folder on my 'D:Drive' with all these files in it - and it gets updated every month - routinely!)

Image 4. The Uploading of the file directive, is ready to be 'confirmed/saved'

Image 5. I have uploaded the file and Blogger is telling me that there are changes to be viewed/made. Blogger tells me that my 'new', or 'uploaded' template does NOT contain a widget from the previous template stored on my blog (- one from the New Designer upload). I have to decide whether I want that widget, or not.

Image 6. I made the decision NOT to save that widget, by clicking on 'Delete Widgets'. Now, the uploaded 'saved' copy of my original template, is 'live'. How easy was that?

Image 7. Back to normal. Thank goodness I had a 'back-up' copy of my template!


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