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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Viewing your Followers' blog posts

Aside from any possible personal aspects, for me, there are basically, three reasons behind Follower -

  • To read the posts from someone's blog, you like, by way of a 'Feed', and
  • To have people start Following your blog, to read your posts, by way of a 'Feed'.
  • To increase your readership

Blogger Follower gadget does that extremely well. Every morning I see a list of new posts on my iGoogle Home Page, in my Google Reader. Sometimes, there's 10, or 15 posts to read, whilst sipping a hot cuppa - before I do anything else.

Image 1.

There are three ways to view, or read, your Followed Blogs.

  • View the post on the original blog - click on the post, or blog, in your Dashboard Reading List.
  • View the posts - by subscription - to your Google Reader, or like-reader.
  • Actually visiting the blog's Home Page

A Reading List from a blog with NO Followed blogs, looks like this:

Image 2.

The next image shows a Reading List with Followed blogs :

Image 3.

If you are not Following any blogs, when you click on your Reading List - Manage Blogs, your screen will look like this:

Image 4.

When you start Following blogs, and click on Reading List - Manage Blogs, your screen will reflect those blogs, like this:

Image 5.

In Image 3, above, you'll see the link to View in Google Reader. If you click on that link, when you are Following blogs, your Reading List of blogs will automatically load all Followed blogs into Google Reader, from where you can also manage them...

Image 6.

Google Reader lists the blogs for you to view...

Image 7.

If you decide to discontinue subscription to certain blogs, you can unsubscribe in an easy two step process.

  • Click on Manage Subscriptions in your actual Google Reader, and select the blog you want
  • Click on Unsubscribe and OK. I prefer to unsubscribe, rather than clicking the Trash Can icon.

Image 8.


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