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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Your Blog Title - Changing it

Bloggers often realise, after blogging for a while, that the name of their blog would be better if it ...

  • Was different, or
  • Was all uppercase, or
  • Was more descriptive, or
  • Whatever the mood dictates. Just 'different'!

Many bloggers also confuse the blog Title, or Name, with the URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

The URL is the blog's address on the web. Of course, this can be changed, too, but is a far more entailed, and thought requiring decision, not to be taken lightly - Changing the URL is serious business.

Very few blogs have a Title, or Name, which is not associated, in some way, with the URL. For example, this blog, the Report, could be a 'report' about anything, fishing, baseball, hang-gliding etc - but no, it's about blogging. Another of my blogs, Recipes, is about Food.

So, I want to change the title, or name, of my blog. How do I do that?

The first thing I would do is assess the situation. That is,

  • What name do I want to use?
  • Is it a minor change, or as a result of a major change to the blog's 'theme'?
  • Will I need to change the blog's description, too?
  • Will the new name tell people what my blog is about?
  • Does the new name require me to change the URL, as well?

Next, after making all my decisions, I simply go to the blog's Settings - Basic screen. Changing the Title/Name is as simple as typing over what's there, and Saving the changes.

That took all of one minute, if that. Naturally, if I was to change the title of this blog, I would do a post about the change, to let my readers, and subscribers, know. The post might also tell them to expect a change of URL soon, if that's what I planned.


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