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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Your Profile - What is Required?

There is nothing technical with the Profile, to bewilder the new blogger. Just basic information.

To this day, bloggers still ask questions such as:

  • "I don't want the 'Posted by' to appear in my posts. How do I delete it?" - You can't! It's a REQUIRED field!
  • "How do I find people's blogs in my home area?" - Look at your Profile!
  • "Is my email address appearing on other peoples' blogs?" - No - unless you checked that box!
  • "Do I have to show my Real Name?" - No! You don't!
  • "Do I have to show which country I come from?" - No! You don't! But, why not?
  • ... and many, many more.

Apart from the two REQUIRED fields on your Profile, nothing else is. Those two required fields are:

  • Your Username (Not made public)
  • Your Display Name (Public - appears on each blog-post - and - you can change it to whatever you want!)

You can change everything on your Profile, including those two REQUIRED fields, but they have to be completed - and they are compulsory.

If you wish to change your Username you can. Simply follow the directions for Transferring ownership. see: Team Blogs - How do I move a blog between accounts?

If you wish to change the Display Name (a.k.a. the Posted by name) you can. You can change it on your Edit Profile screen. This is the name which also appears at the Top of your Profile, when people view it.

Your email address is considered Private, by Blogger, and they will NOT display it - unless YOU want it that way. Unless you check the box next to "Show my email address?", your email will remain PRIVATE.

Visit Blogger Help occasionally. You'll be surprised what information is there!


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