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Friday, 7 May 2010

Back-dating a post, problem

Today, I wrote a post on a subject I should have covered in 2006. Yeah, yeah, I forgot - what can I say? I needed this post, so I could link to it, so it had to be written.

When I finished writing it, and went to set the date back to January of 2007, to suit the time-line of the project, I changed the date in Post Options, as usual, and clicked Publish. It didn't work - and the Post Editor changed the date to today's date, and my post published with May 2010 in the URL...

Now, this amazed and befuddled me. Why?

Well, I don't know why, and I searched Blogger Known Issues, and found what I expected - nothing (they really are hopeless at updating that damned thing)!

I immediately set the post back to a Draft status, to investigate. I tried twice more, thinking that perhaps I had made an error. It is, after all, natural for me to write a date as Day, Month, 07/05/10 - this translating to the 7th Day of May, 2010. I checked my Settings - Formatting screen for the Timestamp Format (correct) and the Time Zone (correct). What could it be?

Then, a distant penny dropped. Blogger likes American ways of entering information, such as dates. Irrespective of the fact that I am in Australia and choose, and prefer to do things 'our' way. OK, I'll try the American way - just in case. So, I typed in the date - in the American way - Month, Day, Year. I entered the date as 01/16/07, for the 16th January, 2007 - which was the date I wanted my post to appear to have been posted. It worked.

The steps I took were:-
  • Saved the post as Draft
  • Opened the Post Editor 'Draft' Posts list.
  • Clicked on 'Edit'.
  • Clicked on 'Post Options'
  • Changed the date to the American style.
  • Saved the Post as a Draft - again.
  • The date was then correct - this time. (see the following image).

I didn't change the URL, because it is not that important. I just wanted the Post Date on the article, to reflect it, as required.

If you are having problems back-dating a post, this may be the same problem. Try what I did. After all, it's the American way!


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