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Monday, 3 May 2010

Colour Charts - RGB Hex and RGB Decimal codes

I have always noticed the tremendous variety of colours which are available to us, via our Browsers, and, it wasn't until recently that I had reason to investigate, what I call, colour numbers. I had heard of Hex colours, but was confused when confronted with the Decimal equivalent. I knew all colours were made up of Red, Green, and Blue, in various mixtures, but didn't realise it was so entailed, as this...

  • A Hex colour code looks like: #FFFFFF (white), or #FF00FF (fuschia/magenta)
  • A Decimal colour codes look like: 255, 255, 255 (white), or 255, 0, 255 (fuschia/magenta)

The following image is a compilation of parts copied from the Wikipedia site page, called Web Colors, and is an example of what I am describing. The site also explains more fully, the technical aspects of coding.

The reason I even went searching for an explanation, and a source of codes, was because I wanted to be able to change border colours on a project, Chuck's and my Language Translator, and didn't know the codes. The gadget uses the Decimal code, not the readily available Hex codes.

Not all bloggers who choose to use the Language Translator, will have the same blog background colour, that's a given fact, so, with tiny borders around each of our language flags, it becomes essential to be able to vary the colour. So, hence the search.

Bookmark that Wiki page for easy reference. There's also, Colorpic, from, which is a free download, and a wonderful added tool.

NOTE: Browsers handle colours in different ways!


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