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Monday, 17 May 2010

Following - Why Can't I Stop?

I have been asked several times, recently, why bloggers can not Stop Following a certain blog. I have tried to address some of the possible reasons. I can not understand why bloggers continually have problems with this.

One plea for help ...

Marian: "I have been trying to stop following and it will not work. The site does not even show up so I can manage it. I have gone directly to the site and clicked stop following several times. There has to be a glitch in the system!"

If you still can't Stop Following a certain blog, after following the following steps, REPORT it to Blogger, via their HELP FORUM.

What I do to Stop Following a certain blog:

  • I always make sure I am logged-in to Follower Friend Connect, as well as my Blogger account.
  • I always check to see if the blog is listed on my Reading List - and check if it is hidden, or not.
  • I always check Google Reader for subscriptions - if so, unsubscribe through Manage Subscriptions.
  • If the blog is still listed on my Reading List, after unsubscribing in Google Reader, I click on Manage, at the bottom of the Reading List on my blog Dashboard.
  • Then I click on Settings.
  • Then I click on Stop Following.
  • Then, when the screen goes transparently grey/gray, I click on the pop-up and Stop Following - again!

That's it! There are no more tricky steps, or hiding places. If your Google reader subscription is deleted, then the only place you have left is your Reading List.

It is of NO use, to skip any of the steps above.

Blogger Help says;

" The easiest way to remove yourself from following a blog is to visit the blog, and click "Settings" under the Following widget on the blog.
You will then see a pop-up window with your profile settings. Click the Stop following this site link and you will be removed from following the blog. If the blog doesn't have a Followers widget, you can still stop following the blog. To do so, go to the Blogs I'm Following tab under your Reading List on your dashboard

You must ensure you are logged in to Follower Friend Connect, as well as your Blogger Account!!!

Apart from that -
  • Firstly, I do NOT work for Blogger, and am NOT a programmer on the Google/Blogger staff pay list.
  • Secondly, I can only advise you to follow certain steps, which I have found to work!

You can also stop Following a blog from the Navbar of that blog.


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