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Friday, 7 May 2010

Hidden Topics/Labels and LinkLists on New Designer Template

Many bloggers are using the Cumulus Hidden Topics / Labels, and Cumulus Hidden LinkLists, and have noticed that , when migrating their blogs to the New Designer Templates, Blogger Labels gadget and LinkLists take precedence, and actually replace the Hidden lists - and all your hard work.

The good news is that the Cumulus Hidden lists can be used on the New Designer Templates - see this blog, and all others on Roberto's Blogs. I have not only re-added the Hidden Topics / Labels, but the LinkLists, as well. With the LinkLists, you need to match-up the LinkList numbers. As you can see in this blog's sidebar - they all work - again!

So, re-copy the code: for Hidden Topics / Labels, and
for Hidden LinkLists

... and follow the instructions, as previously done, for adding the codes...

Save some space in your sidebar! (Not much is required, though.)

Note: Since changing the template of the Report, to another New Designer template, and having more than 300 posts, I have decided not to add a Cumulus Hidden Linklist for my Indices.



WeddingCrasher said...


I would like to submit a query but but apparently the way to do this is like the hidden 'Linklists' 'Topics/Labels'... well hidden!


Roberto said...

Hi Crusty
You did OK with this comment.

If you have a query, and the links in the post do not answer it, ask away. I will answer you, if I can, via these comments.