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Sunday, 2 May 2010

How to 'Ping' your FeedBurner Feed

To celebrate the 300th Post on Roberto's the Report blog, I thought I'd touch on a subject which Nitecruzr raised in his post, FeedBurner Feeds Not Being Updated - (notice his new designer template, too!). In that post, he mentions FeedBurner's Troubleshootize Tab, and part of the Fix-it procedure is Pinging your FeedBurner Feed.

Pinging FeedBurner, for your Feed site, is very simple: Log-on to your FeedBurner Account -

At the bottom link line of the screen, you'll see the Ping option. Click it.

Enter your correct Feed URL

If you enter an incorrect site address, like in this next example, and click on 'Ping FeedBurner' ...

... you'll see this next image -

When you have done everything correctly, you'll see - Successfully pinged!

Easy as.

Opening a FeedBurner account, and adding a Feed to FeedBurner is easy, too!



The Hill Family said...

I am very new to this feedburner thing. I set up an account for my blog yesterday and still have not received a feed via email. I have checked under "subscriptions" on the feedburner site, and see my email addresses there.

I pinged it earlier, and still nothing. Is there any thing else I can check?

Your blog is very helpful by the way. :)


Bob said...

There is nothing to receive, Jill.
All it does if enable people to get a Feed from your blog.
People can subscribe to your blog, now.