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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Known Issues - How Frequently are Entries Updated?

When something goes wrong with my blog, for instance, like not being able to upload an XML file via 'Import', I always check Blogger Known Issues, then Blogger Help Forum, firstly, to see if it has been reported and is being worked on, and secondly, to see whether other bloggers are experiencing the same problem.

In Blogger Known Issues, I have, basically, three choices. I can check;

  • ALL Issues being investigated,
  • OUTSTANDING Issues being investigated, or
  • FIXED Issues

All Issues...


FIXED Issues ...

In the case of IMPORT, I click on the Label which I am interested in, to see all Issues being investigated. All outstanding will be displayed here, as well as some older 'fixed' issues. One of the problems is, of course, does Blogger Update Known Issues? Well, I don't think that it's done all too often. If it is, then I apologise to the boys at the big B.

In the next image, you'll see that I have selected IMPORT. It is listed as an Outstanding Issue - since December, 2009. It gives a brief description of what bloggers are, or will experience. It also tells us that 'they' are working on it. There is also a 'Report it' button which you can click, to add your situation to the stockpile of bloggers' problems. They'll say 'Thanks', and that's it. You have to just wait.

What happens if the problem is Fixed, or becomes a problem - again? In this next image, that situation is an Issue with WMX verification - shown as having been reported and fixed, in Blogger in Draft platform, in August 2008, but is currently an outstanding problem in Production Blogger, in October, 2009 - I presume.

It's a little bit too techie for me. I just want to know:
  • Has my problem been reported? If so, I will just click the Report it button, too. If you have a problem you must add yours to the list so that the problem will become significant enough for Blogger to really take it seriously. It's no good having a million bloggers with the same problem, if Blogger only gets, and is aware of, ten complaints.
  • Is it being worked on?
  • How long before a problem I have, will be fixed?
  • When will Blogger let me know? When will they post an Update?

Blogger has to be kidding if they think six months is good. I would expect an update well before six months had elapsed!


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