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Saturday, 1 May 2010

New Designer Template and the Tabs Index

As you would know, Blogger in Draft is used to change your blog template to one of the New Designer Templates. There are some mighty nice ones, too.

One advantage that the New Templates afford us, is to utilise a linkList as a Tabs Index. It's really quite simple to do, and compared to a normal LinkList, is far more attractive and warm looking. It is also very functional. It has highlighted colours and variable text.

Installing the Tabs Index is covered in the above Nitecruzr post. There is a small tweak required in the html. This tweak enables the highlight functioning, as covered in this post, on Chuck's blog.

Basically, what you have without the New Template is this: (Note - I could have used a horizontal index).

I think you would agree that the image depresses you and the blog looks un-inviting.

Once you create a New Designer Template in Blogger in Draft, you can add the Tabs Index, as Chuck describes, and tweak the html in the Template, as follows:

Make a Back-up copy of your blog Template!

Make sure that you identify the correct line you have to replace - it is wise to 'name' your LinkList gadget when you install it, so it is easier to find. I named mine 'Pages'.

Once you identify the line which needs replacing, highlight it and copy the correct code to it, as follows...

Make sure you 'Save Template'. Then, make another back-up copy of your template!

I think you will agree with me, in saying that the finished article, next image, is a whole lot better than its predecessor!

See it working on ALL of my blogs - but you should view the 'Main Page'.



Mycologista said...

I would like to see it working on Roberto's Buzz blog, but the link above takes me to "This blog is open to invited readers only"...may I see it?
Thank you!

Roberto said...

The Tabs are all working on all my blogs - see above on this blog's main page. Sorry, my Buzz blog is off-line.
Thanks for visiting.

hnikol said...

Thanks for sharing :)