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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The New Designer Templates - Stage 2. - Background

Continued from Stage 1.

Having completed Stage 1, if you desire other than a default colour theme for your template, then the second stage of a New Designer Template is to choose a background for your new template.

Here you have many, many choices. One thing to remember is the drain on the CPU, when loading these new designer templates, because of the colour and repeated renewing of the photo. This will have a slowing effect for some readers of your blog, depending on the equipment they have available. see: Blogger Help, for information on Backgrounds and Transparent views. It can be another case of Know your Options.

In the following Image 1, you have the options of choosing the default themes for that particular template, or, you can click on the down-arrow (circled in white) in the Background Image window, to select one of numerous designs / themes / images which will enhance your blog's appearance - see: Images 2 and 3.

Image 1 -

You can choose to have NO Image,

Image 2 -

or, you can choose one of many Images to act as a background.

Image 3 -

The default themes are quite attractive, too.

Image 4 -

Image 5 -

Once you have chosen the background you desire, then move on to Stage 3 - Layout.


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