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Monday, 24 May 2010

The New Designer Templates - Stage 3. - Layout


Continued from Stage 2.

After choosing the blog template background image, or pattern, (Stage 2.), the next step is to select the Layout you would like. This is Stage 3.

There are several layouts available, with various combinations of sidebars, footers, and main post body positions. The width of the blog and sidebars can be adjusted, as well, to further assist you to find the exact look, and functionality, for your blog.

The next image shows the eight combinations for the Layout. Simply click on the one you want, then arrange the Page Elements to suit. It should be noted that some customised gadgets may not appear, or lose function, during the initial set-up of a New Designer Template, so you will have to add them, again.

Image 1. -

Adjusting the Footer...

Image 2. -

Adjusting the width of the body, or sidebars...

Image 3. -

an example...

Image 4. -

Once you have chosen the Template, Template Background, and Template/Blog Layout, the next, and last stage, is the Advanced Settings. This will be covered in Stage 4.


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