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Monday, 24 May 2010

The New Designer Templates - Stage 4. - Advanced

Continued from Stage 3.

The last stage (Stage 4) of setting-up your New Designer Template is Advanced settings - to adjust, chose, add, or whatever, the final touches to achieve the look you want. Of course, this can be varied, or edited, in the future. Indeed, this option is where you will occasionally visit to 'tweak' the display of your template, along with the usual customise screen.

Each of the four template styles - Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc., and Watermark, have different options available in the Advanced settings section. Why? I suggest it is because they were designed by various people, and Blogger should address the standard - so you may need to bear that in mind when choosing a Template in Stage 1. - eg: see the differences between Watermark and Awesome Inc.

Basically, you click on Advanced, and scroll down, setting-up each option as you go. In this example, the first choice is for the Page Text - Font, Pitch and Text colour ... note: - All colours and Backgrounds can be made to look transparent, to meld with the backgrounds, or obtain a particular effect. Test them out.

Image 1. -

Next is Backgrounds for the Page and Sidebar and the Footer - as distinct from the Blog Background (Stage 2) ...

Image 2. -

The Links colour options ...

Image 3. -

In the next option, you choose the Blog Title Font, Pitch and colour - as well as the Description colour ...

Image 4. -

If you decide to use a LinkList, as Tabs, on your blog, this next option is a must. It gives you the ability to adjust not only the Font, Pitch and colour of the Tabs Text, but to choose the Selected colour. The Selected colour shows the Tab text in a different colour, when it is clicked on, or hovered over. It's a nice addition.

Image 5. -

To compliment the Tabs text, you also have the Tabs Background and Separator colours. These can be designed to compliment your colour scheme and change when hovered over, or clicked on, too ...

Image 6. -

The option for changing the Date Header - Font, Pitch and Text colour, as in this next image, is only available on the Awesome Inc. and Watermark templates ...

Image 7. -

The next option is very important - it is for the Post. You can change the Title Font, Pitch, and Text colour, as well as the Post Background colour and the Post Border colour.

Image 8. -

The Post Footer Text colour...

Image 9. -

With the Gadgets option, what it controls varies from template style to template style. In the following example, the Gadgets option controls the Gadget Title, Pitch and Text Colour, as well as offering an Alternate colour, and I have not yet found out how to get it to work! Certain colours will only be available with certain templates, and if the background is transparent - see: Blogger Help.

Image 10. -

In some templates, you have the choice to alter the blog Footer - Text, and if you have included Gadgets, the Gadget Title Colour ...

Image 11. -

The Footer - Links - Link Colour, Visited Colour and Hover Colour ...

Image 12. -

One of the most important changes to Blogger Templates, is the opportunity to add CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code, directly to the Template. This is a wonderful addition. There are, immediately, two additions of code which I consider with each blog template - Centering, or Positioning, the Title, and ensuring what I call, Word-wrap in my blogs.

Image 13. -

An example of a finished product -

Image 14. -

Last, but not least, make another Back-up copy of your Template.


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