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Friday, 28 May 2010

Printing Your Blog - 2

I have mentioned previously, that is an option for printing a book from your blog. To expand on that, here is a quick look at Blog2Print.

Blog2Print now has an association with Google - especially for bloggers.

The first thing I recommend, is to Register - It's FREE. By establishing an account, editing options vary slightly for you. You can also save the work you do on your blog book, and come back later to either do more, revise it, or finish it.

You'll get an account and a welcome email from - once you are registered, familiarise yourself with the very easy steps:

Type in your Complete blog URL and click Print My Blog.

Choose the content (by dates) for your book. Do you want to include Comments? Also, you get to choose the set up of the page - make text and images compact, or leave them as is. This is where you choose the order of posts, as well.

There are lots of default cover designs, or you can choose to upload an image of your own.

You can add a Dedication of up to 350 characters. To see what your book looks like, click Create My Book. This does NOT tie you in to purchasing. It is just a Preview.

Processing takes just a few seconds...

Your book then appears for preview. You can leaf through it and see what it looks like. The price of the book, as created, is displayed. Soft or Hard cover prices are displayed. Delivery is FREE in the USA (For overseas destinations, it would vary. eg: Australia, is US$15.00 for Standard shipping, or US$37.50 for Express.)

Blog2Print also has a good inter-active Support.

You can also make changes at this stage, or save and come back. When you do come back, log-in and find your 'saved' work under My Books. You can also delete your attempt at this stage, or any, for that matter.

In the next post on this subject, I'll cover Editing a saved book. I'll also cover what I like, and don't like, about Blog2Print, and suggestions for making the end result more like you'd want it to be.


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