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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Printing Your Blog - 3

In my previous post, and to finish this series of posts on Printing Your Blog with Blog2Print, editing and ordering are the options.

Once you have registered an account with Blog2Print, and saved a book, it will appear in My Books. It is from there that you can edit the various sections of your book, or Share your book with others.

You have three choices - Open the book, Share the book, or Delete the book.

Image 1.

This next image shows the options for the contents editing. In this instance, I chose to edit Posts. Of course, if your book doesn't need editing, you can go straight to the shopping cart from this screen. On this screen, you'll also see an option for a preview, which comes in the form of an Adobe Reader layout... see Image 3. (below))

Image 2.

A Preview

Image 3.

In the next image, you'll see the options for removing posts from the book. You can also add, or remove, comments from the book.

Image 4.

The option to share your book provides an opportunity for others to contribute to a project.

Image 5.

If you are happy with everything, your book is finished. The shopping cart shows the finished book. You can select the quantity, see the price - or, if needed, update the book.

Image 6.

All details for shipping, are to be completed. It is this information which will give you the total price. You can obtain the shipping costs for overseas delivery, or add a message to a recipient.

Image 7.

In summary, to make a book from your blog seems simple enough, but, for my money, I'd like more flexibility. The Blog2Print system looks to be good for someone who has, say, a photographic record to keep, but with individual blog posts, like poems, or short posts, I think it leaves much to be desired. Why?

see: Image 3. above -

  • You can't select individual posts - you can only select date parameters (Oldest / Newest).
  • You can't publish one item per page.
  • Blog2Print picks up everything on the page - even the 'Posted by' tag. You cannot remove it!
  • You can't edit pitch, or font.

There may be other downsides, but I haven't noticed them - yet. On the other side of the coin,

  • The presentation is most professional looking.
  • It is very quick.
  • The prices are very reasonable.
  • Shipping costs for overseas customers, like me, are reasonable, as well as expected.
  • Delivery times are fast - two options - Standard and Express.
  • I like the ability to upload my own photo for covers.


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