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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Blog Listing, and Blog Search - Settings Basic

Some bloggers often ask questions concerning some aspect of listing their blog, or having their blog crawled by the Search Engines. Maybe, they do not want either. These two options have a great impact on your blog's traffic and eventual Page Rank.

Listing a blog, allows it to appear when Readers click on Blogger Home Page, Next Blog, Blogger Play, or link to it from other sites.

If you choose NOT to be included in this option, your blog will not appear in those places but will still be available on the Internet. Unlisted blogs will also appear on your Profile, unless hidden by you.

As far as Blog Search is concerned, Google/Blogger is one of the many companies utilising as a notifier of Updated Blogs. What does do? is a Ping Server which automatically notifies subscribers when new content is posted to a website, or a blog. Blogger gives you the option to have your blog crawled by search engines. This allows your readers to search your updated blog, and also all other blogs - from various places.

If you choose NOT to enable this feature, your blog will still be available on the Internet, and people will still be able to view it, but it will NOT be crawled by the Google Search Engine spider, and will NOT appear in Blog Search.


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