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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Changing a Cname alias on your Domain

Earlier this week, I had reason to change the URL of a blog. The blog URL was published to my Domain, and the Cname 'alias' didn't suit my new blog theme. I needed to change it. It was the easiest thing to do, but involved many steps.

Fortunately, I used an old 'stub blog' with no Followers, or subscribers, so there was no-one to notify, and the name was one I didn't care about possible SPAMMERS getting hold of. You see, I NEVER delete a blog! I just store unused blogs on another account.

So, what did I have to do?

Firstly, I had to change the Cname alias on my Domain Control Manager. That's as easy as signing in to Google Apps, then signing in to GoDaddy, and navigating to the Domain Manager, Total DNS Control screen.

I selected the URL of the 'old' blog, and clicked on the Edit button (Pencil and Paper).

I made the change and clicked OK...

Then, I made sure I logged-off properly, and proceeded to the blog Settings - Publishing screen.

Secondly, I had to publish the blog back to BlogSpot - to it's original URL. That's no problem, either. Then, I simply followed these steps to re-publish the blog back to the new Cname alias on my Domain.

I also listed the new blog on Google Webmaster.


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