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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Language - Checking your settings.

There are quite a few places to check the Language settings for your blog - and computer. I covered all this previously, and now, it's time for an update.

Some bloggers still report that their blogs load in a foreign language. To ensure that all your settings are in your preferred language, let's say English, for this exercise, it's good to make sure ALL possibilities are covered.

The first place I would check, is the Windows Control Panel - Regional and Language Options. There are three options there. The Control Panel options will ensure that your computer is set to your preferred Language.

Also, if English is your preferred language, I recommend selecting English - US, and making allowances for their spelling differences. Why? Well, Google is American, and I once had problems due to spelling differences on my computer, using centre, instead of center!

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

My next choice would be to check the Browser settings. In this example, I have Firefox. To check the Language setting, click on Tools from the Toolbar - Menu Bar. Then select Content, then click Choose.

The last steps are with Blogger. The Dashboard shows two options for setting the Language of the blog. One is at the very top on the right, above where the blogs are listed, and the other is at the very bottom of the Dashboard. For safety, I'd check both.

The 'Top' option ...

The 'Bottom' Option ...

Language Selection option, takes you to the Language Selection.

The last steps are with the actual blog, itself. The first Setting to check, is on the Basic Screen. Make sure that Transliteration is disabled, and not set to one of those available languages .

The next option is on the Settings - Formatting Screen - Languages.

Now, the most important part - CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE! RE-BOOT YOUR BROWSER! (Otherwise, it would nearly all be in vain. Your Browser will display cached copy. You have to reset it, make it re-visit your blog, to get a new copy!)

See also: You may not have to speak the local language, by Nitecruzr.



Louise Teubl said...

Thank you! thank you! Thank you!
You are Brilliant!

Roberto said...

Gees Louise - thank you. I'll publish that Comment! hahaha
Don't forget handsome - and modest, too!
Glad to have helped!

Anthony said...

Finally someone who made it simple and clear. thanks, Anthonyu