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Friday, 23 July 2010

Blogger Share Buttons

I love to add Blogger options to my blog post page. I always try their new things, here, on this blog, or on a test blog (normally). Sometimes, I like them so much I add them permanently to the blog. Sometimes, I don't. Then, again, sometimes, I have NO CHOICE! The damn things won't work - not always, anyway.

Blogger recently released the Share Buttons, which you are supposed to add to your blog, via the Design screen - Edit Post configuration. Simple enough. That's what I did - 100 times, or thereabouts. It didn't matter what I did, the buttons would not show on my post. Why? Well, I do not know - all I can do is accept that it may be a result of post template corruption, which is what was suggested by Nitecruzr.

We tested this on a fresh, new blog, and it worked...

The problem appears to be non-existent on New Blogs, but appears on 'older' Layouts > New Designer template blogs. Those that have been upgraded. All my current blogs were Layouts blogs before I upgraded them to the New Designer Templates. Now, although the script for the Share Buttons appears in my templates, the icons do NOT appear of my posts! I can't figure that one.

So, it appears that Nitecruzr has thought about this overnight, and come up with ... see < HERE >
It requires a very simple tweaking of the template, as described < HERE >.

Follow ALL the steps he suggests, clear the browser cache, and then 'add' the Share Buttons option to your Blog Posts configuration - again.



Apple Box Boutique said...

I am new to blogging, but have a tidbit of technical know-how and still have been unable to tweak code or sort out why the Designer Template I selected refuses to display the Share Buttons set on my blog.

Like you, it is an option is my template settings, but that is as far as it goes.

I would be happy to bow in praise to anyone who can enlighten us and help get this working!

Many thanks for posting the issue,

Leanne at Apple Box Boutique

Roberto said...

Hi Leanne,
I have updated this post since yesterday, with the answer to the problem.
My co-author of this blog, Nitecruzr, wrote about Blog Post problems, back in May, and the non-display of the Share Buttons can be fixed in the same way, as you can now see on this blog post. Try it - it works.

Apple Box Boutique said...

Hi Roberto,

I will definitely take a look at the May archives for Share Button info. Thank you for the information!

Leanne at Apple Box Boutique