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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Following - How to STOP - from the Navbar Option

Back in September, last year, I posted on How to Stop Following. Then, in May, this year, I wrote Following - Why Can't I Stop?

Well, today, I had to ask myself that very question - why can't I stop? I tried all the steps which worked before (otherwise I would not have written it up). Guess what? They didn't work! Frustrating.

So, what did I do? Well, I started at the very beginning - I started to Follow a blog. I went through the steps required - both from clicking on Follower gadget, adding a URL, and clicking on the Navbar Follow option. This was very time consuming. Then, I tried to STOP. Only the Navbar option gave me success. Even 'Manage' wouldn't help me. I was signed-in to Blogger, too! (Ha Ha - There's a catch in itself! You should be signed-in to Blogger AND Follower / Friend Connect!)

Notice on this next image, that I started to Follow my own blog, Pauper's Plate. It's highlighted in the Reading List.

I clicked on the link to the Blog itself, and then clicked on the Follow option in the Navbar...

This next image shows what options I got ...
  • You already follow Pauper's Plate
  • Stop Following
  • Cancel

I clicked on Stop Following ...

Now, Pauper's Plate has vanished from my Reading List. I have successfully stopped Following that blog.

I still do NOT know why Blogger has changed this, but obviously, they have. Too many people have reported NOT being able to stop, for something not to have been changed by Blogger. It is also very important to use the correct Profile! Which one are you using?

Do you use the same Profile all the time?

Hope this helps.



Miss Femister said...

Thank you. It's been so frustrating trying to get rid of someone I was following.

Californiamama said...

Unfortunately the site I want to stop following doesn't have the FOLLOWERS tab anywhere on its page, some sites do, some don't. So now what? I've tried everything Blogger says to do but can't stop following some sites.

hashima hanif said...

thanks a lot for the informations :)

Bob said...

You don't need to find the other blog's Follower button. You use YOUR Navbar.
You can also find the ID you started Following with, and log in to Blogger with it. Then you can stop following from your Manage option.
Read my post!

hashima, and Miss Femister - you are both welcome!