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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Share Buttons May Need Post Template Re-setting

Yesterday, I wrote about the problem I was having to display the new Share Buttons. I discussed this problem with Nitecruzr, and he suggested that it might be a Post Template Corruption. He was correct.

That's no big deal - it often happens when Blogger programmers don't think about the changes they are making. They make changes, add something, and make something else worse. The answer is a simple tweaking of the Post Template - to update it.

The following steps are as best as I can provide, to show how to do this. One question which will undoubtedly be asked is -

'Why do I copy, and then remove a piece of code, only to replace it?'

The reason is that you need to remove the piece of code, and replace it, in order to force the 'updating' of the Post Template. Of course, copying it first is sensible. Here's how ...

Step 1. - Navigate to the Edit HTML screen

Step 2. - Make a copy of your template - (need I tell you why? I don't think so)

Step 3. - Find the following piece of code - copy it, and delete it, then 'Save' the template changes

Step 4. - You will be asked to confirm the deletion - do so.

Step 5. - Replace the piece of code which you copied IN EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE, and 'Save'.

Step 6. - Navigate to the Page Elements screen.

Step 7. - Re-configure the Blog Post widget and select 'Share Buttons' - then 'Save'.

Step 8. - Make another copy of your blog template

Step 9. - Clear the Browser cache, restart the Browser, and reload the blog.

Happy blogging!



Apple Box Boutique said...

It may be love! *lol
Much appreciation, Roberto, for helping me to correct the Share Button issue on my blog. All is well, and I have you to thank for it.


Roberto said...

Vous ĂȘtes les bienvenus.
Bon chance.