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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Stats - Blogger's New Feature

For many readers, and bloggers, the news of Blogger's new feature, STATS, is 'old news'. That's because many bloggers have a Blogger in Draft newsfeed and keep up to date, or, they use Blogger in Draft as their default platform/Dashboard, and have noticed the new Tab.

Many bloggers will also be very happy to see this (long-overdue)feature, is now available to them. Blogger has come up with a very useful tool, which, for some, will replace the need to add a Counter into a gadget, and clutter-up their sidebars, or footers. However, it's entirely subjective as to what individuals like. Personally, I will still use Statcounter and Sitemeter in conjunction with these new 'real-time' Stats.

The STATS provide up-to-date, or 'real-time' statistics for your blog traffic. Everything from a general overview of visitors and where they came from, to which pages they viewed, and which Browser they employed to find your blog. Now, some bloggers will ask why it's necessary to know those things, and I hope to cover some of the reasons, in this post.

When you click on the Stats Tab, Blogger takes you to the Overview screen, where you can access ALL of the current and past Stats for your blog's traffic - Now, Last Day, Last Week, Last Month and All Time. Naturally, as this feature was only been introduced in May, statistics prior to then, are not included.
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The above Overview screen also provides links to 'more' information, such as Posts, Traffic Sources, and Audience. These can be clicked on to open, individually, on a separate screen.

OK, so why do I need to know all that stuff?

There are many reasons why this information is important to most bloggers. For instance, where are the majority of my readers coming from? This tells me where my blog is getting read, and where it isn't. Then, I can perhaps tailor my posts, or keywords/sitemaps, to open a larger viewing audience.

Why would I want to know which Browser someone uses? Well, as you can see in the above image, 62% of my readers use Internet Explorer, and 18% use Firefox, so it's essential that my blog is viewable in both of those Browsers. How do I know if it is? It's a good habit to view your own blog in a few different Browsers, as they can vary in main-page width, for example. If your blog doesn't load properly in all Browsers, people will not view it!

Why do I care which Posts my Readers read? Apart from the obvious, it's essential if you wish to maintain, or increase Traffic to your blog - give people what they want to read! This allows you to tailor your posts to requested topics.

Why would I want to know how someone came to my blog? The reason for this is manifold. Other bloggers will use links to your blog, to interest their readers, or support points they are making. Other sites drive traffic to your blog by doing this. It also notifies you of sources of interest so you can, once again, tailor your blog to readers' wants.

The new Stats feature provides all this information in a very useful way. It's fast, apparently accurate, and presented in a readable, and readily understandable, manner. Good one, Blogger.


1 comment:

Sphinx said...

Hi, Bob
Thanks for pointing out the new Blogger stats - i've been a bit switched off recently, so hadn't noticed it. It's fascinating - especially on my new blog I started in June.