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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Transferring Ownership of a blog

Many bloggers ask:

"How do I change the account that operates my blog?" Or,
"I want to transfer the blog to another account." Or,
"I started the blog with this email, and want to change it to another email account." etc

All these situations are, basically, the same... they refer to transferring Ownership of a blog.

Nothing could be easier than transferring Ownership of a blog - it's just time consuming and requires attention. BUT - make sure you do it correctly!

Blogger refers to this process under their 'Team Blogs - How do I move a blog between accounts?' section of Blogger Help, in - Team Blogs, Authors, and Readers

Let's say you have a blog, and the owner is ABC@whatever email account. In a nutshell, say you want to transfer the blog from ABC@whatever email account, to DEF@ whatever email account. Transferring the Ownership of the blog can be listed in steps: (It's easier if you open two Browser sessions - one in each of two different Browsers! Open one session with ABC@ email, and one with DEF@ email.)

  • Open the Settings - Permissions screen of the blog, with ABC@ email, and send an Invitation to DEF@ ...etc, to join the blog.
  • Go to the other Browser session for DEF@ email account and 'accept' the Invitation - using that account's name and password. (You maybe asked to create an account, during this stage, if you haven't already.) You will notice that a Dashboard appears, with 'limited' access options. This is normal - and a Dashboard for 'Author' access.
  • Go back to the blog's 'Settings - Permissions' screen, (ABC@ email), and when you Refresh it <F5>, you'll see that DEF@... etc, is now listed as an 'Author'.
  • Click on where it says "grant admin privileges", and make DEF@... etc, into an 'Admin' for the blog.
  • Then, and only then, go to Blogger using the DEF@... etc account (or, Refresh <F5> the session you are already using on the other Browser). You'll see a Dashboard with the blog listed. You'll notice it has changed. It should have FULL options listed. Check that you have FULL access to all components of the blog.
  • If you then click on 'Settings", from the new Dashboard, then 'Permissions', you will see both email accounts listed as 'Admin' of the blog, and at the far right, the word 'remove' next to each.
  • If you click on 'remove' next to ABC@ ... etc, then DEF@... etc, will become the sole owner of the blog.
  • You will also notice, that there is NO 'Remove' next to the sole 'Admin' of the blog - DEF@ email account! That's so you can't remove yourself!

The blog Ownership is now transferred from ABC@whatever, to DEF@whatever. Simple as, but confusing. Take it - one step at a time!

Unfortunately, this is the only way to do it.


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