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Monday, 9 August 2010

Do You Publish a Non-English Language Blog?

Announcing Cumulus In Your Language, now available for your blog, published in:

If your blog is published in any of the above languages, you can now provide dynamic translation of your blog, or website, by your readers, into any of 60+ other languages.

Installation is simple.

  • Click on the link (above, as available) for your language.
  • That puts you into the Cumulus In Your Language blog, in your language.
  • Make a new HTML gadget for your blog / web site.
  • Copy the code (between the horizontal lines) for your language, into the new gadget in your blog.
  • Change the URL in the gadget, to the URL for your blog.
  • Save your new gadget.
  • Test your new gadget.
  • Get to work writing an article for your blog / web site, explaining to your readers how your blog / web site is now multi-lingual.

How do you use this gadget?



Саша Стефановић said...

I would like to translate this into Serbian language to help Serbian bloggers use this widget.

Roberto said...

Hi Cawa

All you have to do is click on the Serbian flag on my blog (above), and copy it.

( Хи Цава

Све што треба да урадите је да кликнете на српском заставом на мом блогу (горе), и копирајте га. Лако као.

Срећно блоговање!)