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Friday, 3 September 2010

Blogger Stats - Censor Your Pageviews

Blogger Stats is a 'real-time' analysis of your blog traffic. It should, by definition, include all visits to your blog - even your own. This can be misleading and tends to inflate the 'true' visitor figures. Blogger realised this and now provides an option for you to censor the figures, eliminating your visits.

This is great - but, it needs to be explained that it is on a per-browser basis. That means, if you use more than one browser, you'll have to re-set this blocking feature for each. It's a ten-second job, if that.

As yet, one feature I would like to see, and don't, is a 're-set' option - to clear already gathered data and re-start the count. Maybe one day.



Sphinx said...

hi, bob
thanks for this - i wish MY stats looked so healthy!
why would you ever want to re-set, though? the more the merrier, as far as i'm concerned.
have a great weekend.

Roberto said...

Hi Sphinx
Good to hear from you. Stats are there for individual blogger's benefit, I suppose. To interpret and use for purposes of their own choosing.
Although many and varied, I guess that changes to a blog's theme may be one reason to re-set stats.
The opportunity to re-set is what I'd like to see - if needed.

Sphinx said...

Hi, Bob
I'm enjoying the blogger stats, but they just don't tie up with the stats I get from onestat and sitemeter, and those two seldom agree with each other! Blogger stats are far more generous - someone, in one time slot, viewed 20 pages yesterday but onestat doesn't show that! I don't track my own visits. Any idea why the discrepancy?
Bye for now.

Roberto said...

Yes, Sphinx, I've noticed differences, too. I also have Sitemeter and Statcounter.
I think that 'deep-down', these platforms record various stats - some record this, and that differently. Crazy, huh?
I'll try to find out, exactly, though.