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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Blogger bX-Codes

From time to time, bloggers report getting what is known as a bX-Code. Blogger has a Database of messages for Blogger error codes - bX-codes.

These codes could represent anything from a serious problem, which Blogger technicians 'are working on' (at the time), eg: bX-qgkwqf , to a Blogger advisory message that your html script is wrong, such as bX-5d69vr , and advises you how to fix it.

There are literally 100s of codes, and unless you find the same one listed, and find out what it means, it will continue to be a mystery to you. I'm sure the codes must mean something to the technicians.

Most bX-codes can be reported via the bX-Code Reporting Form, or by seeking Help in the Blogger Forum, where it will be seen by, or may be escalated to, the Blogger Team.


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