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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Deleting a Blogger Account?

Let's say that I do not want my blog, or, for that matter, my Blogger Account, anymore. How do I remove it, delete it, or simply make it 'go away', while still keeping my Gmail, and other accounts?

Blogger, currently, does not have a way for users to delete their Blogger Accounts. That means, you can't do it!

Deleting your Google Account, to which the blog is attached, will not only delete the Google Account, but everything attached to it. That means your email, your blog, any associated accounts you have, like Orkut, Google Groups etc. However, your blog will remain in cyberspace - forever, unless you think it through properly. Many bloggers come to the Blogger Forum pleading for help in restoring their Google Accounts, because they went about this the wrong way, and, subsequently, their blogs disappeared. Sometimes too, they then meet great difficulty in getting the Google Accounts restored, because Google wants certain information, which is either hard to remember, or not available. Then, you're up the proverbial creek!

Note: If you delete your email address from your Google Account, you will never be able to recover your username or password, so do not do this unless you are absolutely sure that you do not want to access this account anymore.

Blogger, however, gives you the opportunity to help yourself in this matter. It also gives you steps to follow, to just remove your blog, and the personal information you may have on your Profile. Follow these steps to avoid possible heartache and frustration!

  • Edit your Blogger Profile to remove any personal information stored there. For required fields, you can enter false information. Also, and this is optional, change your username, which is also in your profile. This will make the old username available for a new user.

Note - if you do NOT remove personal information from your Profile, before you delete a blog, and because of the way Blogger maintains this service, residual copies of your profile information, and other information associated with your account, may remain on back-up systems. This is very important to remember!

So, what have you now achieved? The blog is deleted, the posts are deleted, and the Profile associated with the blog, bears none of your personal information. The URL is freed-up for someone else's use - generally a SPAMMER, because of their tricky gadgets. So, unless you tell everyone, including your old relatives, not to visit your 'old' blog, they may be directed - to a porn site!

This subject brings me to an alternative solution, which many older, wiser bloggers recommend -

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