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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Displaying Your Followers on a Static Page

A very neat 'tweak' of the Followers' gadget, on The Real Blogger Status blog, shows what can be done with some thought, and Static Pages.

Chuck, the owner of the RBS blog, has presented his'Enhanced Followers as a static post, via the Edit Pages editor, and has written about his method, in Tweaking The Followers Gadget. As I often am, I was prompted to follow it up, if you'll excuse the pun, and write a post, in my style, about the same thing - because I like lotsa pictures!

Utilising the Google Friend Connect site, is a sure way to get your code - apart from just adding the Gadget from your Design Screen 'Add a Gadget'. It also gives you the opportunity to design the gadget in colours, and size, that you prefer. You must remember, that the code you get, can only be applied to that particular blog! New blog - new code.

Another way to add it to your blog, is like Chuck did - to copy it from the page source, using your Browser - by viewing page source. Chuck's post explains how he set up his static page display. As he says, it may need good bandwidth and a little time, to view it. Something to keep in mind. Having both a gadget in the sidebar, and his 'enhanced Follower' displayed, as Chuck does, gives his readers the choice, as well.

When you visit Google Friend Connect site, if you already have Follower gadget on your blogs, you'll find that Blogger has already added your sites.

If you click on 'Settings' you may see:
"This community was created by an third-party service, such as Blogger. You should not change these settings unless you are no longer using that service to manage your community." I have no problem with Blogger managing my community. It's OK, with me.

The next step is to design your gadget - colour, and size ...

Then, last but not least, get your code ...

You then add this code to a Static Page via Edit Pages...

Add a 'Pages' gadget to your sidebar, to display links to your Static Pages.


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