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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Email Me - Making a Link to your Email

Sometimes, a blogger will want to make a link for his/her readers to be able to email him/her. Making a Link is relatively easy, and the Email Link is no exception - just different.

With a normal Link, to another blog, or site somewhere in the Blogosphere, the HTML looks like this:

<a href="http://URL">TEXT</a>

The Email Link is only slightly different. It looks like this, where 'mailto:' replaces the http:// (the protocol) and your email address replaces the URL. You, of course, can change the text to suit. 'Email me!' is variable.

<a href="">Email me!</a>

The Link will open a Microsoft Office Outlook session, with your Email Address in the 'To' section, for your reader to email you.

Naturally, you would set-up an Email especially for this type of exposure. Why not? They're FREE!

BTW - Happy Australia Day to all Aussie ex-pats!


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