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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Email Subscription to a Feedburner Feed

One of the benefits of regularly 'Following' a blog of any real significance, like The Real Blogger Status, is that you are often reminded about aspects of blogging which may have been forgotten, or that need you to write a tutorial on, because of their importance. Such was the case this morning when I opened up and read Nitecruzr's latest post, did the usual investigation of his links, and was reminded of a great facility provided by Feedburner.

Email Subscription, for those bloggers who wish to get regular email updates from your blog, rather than, say, to Follow your blog, or subscribe to a Feed for a Reader, is very easy to do. The first step to take, is to open a Feedburner account, set up your Feed, and then set-up the Email Subscription itself.

That's the first step. Once you have 'burned' your Feed, the rest is easy ...

Step 2: Select the blog you wish to activate an Email Subscription for, by clicking on the blog name.

Step 3: Click on the 'Publicize' Tab

Step 4: Once you are on the 'Publicize' Tab, you'll see the 'Email Subscriptions' option on the left. Click it.

Step 5: This step is to 'Activate' the subscription. Click on 'Activate'.

Step 6: The 'Email Subscription' is now activated. You'll receive options for either a block subscription, or a link to the subscription, and the subsequent Codes. Choose the style you wish, and copy the Code to an html/javascript page element, available from your 'Design' screen. Paste the code in and Save. Then, position the gadget where you require it, on your blog.

The 'Finished' product...

Tracking your subscribers will be available to you when they have joined. You'll be able to view and sort the list, activate or deactivate individual email addresses, or even export your list in Excel or CSV format.

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Lape Soetan said...

Hi. Your post was helpful. Thank you. However, I posted the Feedburner code in the html version of the Design page (of Blogger), the page didn't show up properly. I had to create a new page and post the code there so now the Email Subscriptions box only appears on that new page. Please tell me where to paste the code so the Feedburner appears on the sidebar of my blog. Thank you.

Roberto said...

Lape -
you post the code into a HTML/Javascript gadget - not a post!
Good try, though.
Use a gadget! - Design screen - 'Add a gadget' - html/javascript!

Susie said...

I have set up a feedburner email subscription on my blog, and it has been working correctly - subscribers receive my posts in the their email. But they do not receive the post comments. Do I have to set up a separate feedburner subscription that is specific to comments?

Bob said...

To the best of my knowledge, the comments do not get published in the Feedburner feed.

Elissa said...

Just wondering.... I recently made my blog private but now my email subscriptions are no longer working. I know I use to subscribe to a blog where this lady did the same thing but I still received her email posts. I just could no longer access her blog. Do you know of a way of making this happen? Thanks!

Bob said...

Private blogs do NOT allow email subscriptions. It's the nature of the beast - only those who are party to the blog - administrators & authors.

Elissa said...

Thanks Bob for the answer. Can I bug you with just one more?
Like I said my blog is going private. I know the subscriptions will not work through feedburner anymore so I set up a "fake" blogger. This one will be public. I will be posting a link here to my private blog everytime I post something. The thing is I want my email subscribers from my private blog to transfer to my public blog so they will recieve an email with the link. Is there a way of doing this?

Bob said...

You can't link to a private blog unless the subscriber has permission - is a 'member' of the private blog.
You will need to give them the URL of the new blog BEFORE your existing blog goes private.