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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Follower - Different Ways to Start

Back in August, 2008, 'Follower' was a relatively new idea, a new concept, perhaps, and certainly, a new gadget to play with. It hasn't changed greatly, in as much as, 'How To Start', since then, as it is still as simple as finding a worthy/interesting blog, clicking on the right button, selecting the profile you wish to use, and clicking 'Done'.

I know of at least three (3) ways to start Following a blog (I'm sure someone will tell me of another, or that I'm wrong). Any reader who follows this blog, the Report, will know that my aim is to make things as simple as possible, so that even I can understand them. Some bloggers aren't as 'techie' as others, and I am one of them. Although Following is a mammoth social interface, it is a simple process to use. Let's have a good look ...

Way 1.

"There are several ways to become a follower of a blog. One of the easiest ways is to visit a blog that has added the Following widget and click on the "Follow" button under the Followers widget".1

When you click that Follow button, this next screen will appear ...

Select the Account for the profile 2 you'd like to use (in this case it's Google), sign-in, and you're done.

Once you are a Member, sign in to Follower itself, or go to your Reading List and click Manage, then check all your details on the Site Settings screens

Way 2.

You can also Follow another Member's blog by clicking on the Member's photo avatar, searching his/her Links, selecting one, and navigating to that blog. For example, 'JT' 3 is a Follower of the Report blog, and has a blog about Bee Hives, (but not the kind you would think). I Followed JT's blog. Once at his blog, the process was similar to the above ...

(I like the little Congratulations pop-up)

Way 3.

In October, or thereabouts, last year, Blogger gave the Navbar a Follow button. 'Great!', said some bloggers. Well, maybe it is, in it's own way, but the function of that Navbar Follow is different 2 to the Follower gadget.

If you want to Follow via the Navbar, you must be logged into Blogger. When you click on the Navbar Follow button, this screen will appear ...

Choose to Follow Publicly, or Privately, and then click the orange Follow button. The next screen will show the Follower gadget displaying a shadow avatar, which is temporary. This shadow avatar will disappear when you sign-in for the first time - confirming your account... see: The Real Blogger Status 2 (this really is a good read, if you want to understand about this aspect of Following).

Once you 'sign-in' to Follower for the first time, the image from your Blogger profile will display, and you'll also have full use of the Site Settings. (Of course, anonymous Followers won't have an image icon!)

... and thanks to Sue, for drawing my attention to the 'Add' function on the reading List (which I thought would be seen in my link to the previous post from 2008), so, just for her, I'll add way No.4.

Way 4.

The 'Add' function on the Reading List, at the bottom of your Dashboard, is also a way Following. It's a simple option of adding a URL in the space provided, click 'Next', selecting Publicly, or Privately, and it's all done.

Finally, what's the difference between a Follower and a Friend? Find out HERE.

1. Blogger Help - What is Following?
2. The Real Blogger Status blog
3. Visit the Beehives blog



sue said...

Well, there you go. Totally different to how I do it! I copy and paste the URL into the dashboard area.

What does the "sign in" bit mean? I don't use it at all, but is there some advantage if you do sign in?

Roberto said...

Hi Sue
I don't know what you are doing copying and pasting URLs , but it can't be for joining Follower. It maybe for looking at blogs, though.

The sign-in is covered here: see -


sue said...

! Yep I'm not kidding! Go to dashboard. then at the bottom of the 'Blogs I'm following', there's the words 'Add/Manage' so you click 'Add', then paste the URL. Then I think it says 'continue' the next bit is 'follow publicly' or 'privately', and if I click 'publicly' my picture appears on the 'followers' section on their blog.
Thanks for the other info, I'll check it out.
Very clear explanations, thanks. I'll try a different way to follow next time

Roberto said...

yes, Sue - I covered that in the first sentence. See the link?