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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Follower - Which Profile Do You Use?

How often do we see bloggers reporting this:

"When I look at my info on blogs I'm following there is no link to my blogs. How do I get a link to my blogs to show?"

As you would be aware, you can become a Follower of a blog, using one of many Profiles - Google, Blogger, OpenID, Yahoo, Netlog, Plaxo, or Twitter.

Follower can be so confusing, I understand why so many Bloggers have queries. There are so many ways to do things, so many combinations of screens, options, profiles, and ways to join. You can join by using the Navbar Option, the Follower Gadget option, and by adding a blog URL from the 'Add' Option in your Reading List.

However, to try and keep things simple, so that I, at least, can understand it, there are two main things to remember:
  • If you want 'Links' to your blogs, to appear in your Follower 'Info' - use a profile which has blogs attached to it. That is, your Google, linked to, your Blogger profile. Or, if not...
  • Use a profile of choice, but attach 'Links', by 'adding' them. Once you are signed-in to Follower, click on Options, then Site Settings, and choose Basic Information:

The good thing about Google is that they can 'in-Link' your Google profile and your Blogger account (to each other) for this purpose... also your GTalk

Either way, to get the best out of your membership options, and to fully realise the complexity of Follower/Friend Connect, you should be 'signed-in' to Follower/Friend Connect. Yes, Blogger and Friend Connect may require a separate Log-in. Your Blogger ID may be a Gmail account, and you may be using Yahoo as a Follower ID. They're different. Also, if you wish to adjust any Settings for your Follower, from one of the blogs you are Following, you will need to 'sign-in', rather than navigating back to your Dashboard.


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