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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Follower - Your Options, When Signed-in.

When you wish to make changes to your Follower settings, from a blog you are Following, you need to be signed-in! If not, you make changes from the Manage (Blogs I'm Following) button, on your Dashboard Reading List (see last image).

Once you are signed-in, your account icon/avatar/or photo will appear above the Follower gadget. Next to the avatar, an Options choice will appear. All you wish to do can be achieved through this feature.

When you click on Site Settings, the next screen, Basics, appears, by default ... see: Google Friend Connect 1

From the Basics screen, the next Option is the Messaging screen ...

The Messaging screen allows you to change your Email address to receive updates. Your preferences do change, from time to time.

Then, the Sites I've Joined screen ...

"This tab shows a list of all the Friend Connect sites you're a member of across the web. Next to each, you'll see an unjoin link and, if you're an administrator of the site, a manage link".1

Finally, the Manage Friends screen ...

"This tab lets you view (and remove) friends you've made using Google Friend Connect. To remove a friend (on all Friend Connect sites), click Remove as friend next to the person's picture and email address, then click Yes to confirm.

This list won't include friends you have linked in from other social networks. To manage these friend relationships, you must sign in to that specific social network".1

When you have completed your adjustments, or whatever, sign out of Follower by ...

Alternatively, if you are viewing your Blogger Dashboard and wish to make adjustments, you navigate to the bottom of the Dashboard, to your 'Reading List'. There, you can click on 'Manage', then 'Settings', to do what you wish ...

1. Google Friend Connect - Customising Your Settings


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