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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Following - Publicly, or Privately?

Blogger has always offered the ability to maintain some degree of anonymity, whether it be with blogging (Settings - Permissions), Profile Options, or in this case, Following 1.

Bloggers who wish to be 'seen' as Followers of a blog, or use the options of Friend Connect, to introduce the blog to their friends, can choose to Follow a blog Publicly. There's no problem in doing that, and you can even put your photo on your membership profile. That is good. I like to know who my Followers are, what they look like, and, if they are bloggers, too! I believe most people would be the same, however, some people, for personal reasons, will wish to maintain their anonymity. They will choose to Follow a blog Privately - that is, no profile info, no photo, no trace of them in the Follower gadget. No worries. I do, on some blogs.

"An anonymous Follower is simply anonymous, and appears nowhere." 2

Q. - So, how do you tell if you have anonymous Followers? 2
A. - You can't! That's the way it is.

For the sake of this post, I started Following one of my own blogs. The next image shows my avatar - because I am signed-in on that blog - using my own profile sign-on ID. The presence of your avatar simply means that you're signed-in. It has no bearing whether it is your blog, or someone else's. The public do not see it!

How do you choose to be Public or Private? The choice is always there for you - you can choose at anytime, or change at any time. This option only appears if you are signed-on to Follower... You need to click on Options, - then Site Settings. Then, you'll see: "You are following publicly, (or anonymously)". Click it.

 The following image, shows a pop-up option for changing from Public to Private.

You also have the option to select Public or Private when initially joining Follower...on the 'Fewer Options' screen.

You can't 'Block' anonymous Followers 2, either.

So, will it be Public, or Private? It's your choice!

1. Blogger Help
2 - The Real Blogger Status


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