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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Google Help Forums

It's a regular observation of mine, that, when visiting the Blogger Help Forum, I see questions from people who really need one of the other Google Help Forums - like Gmail, AdSense, Calendar, or Android.

It's generally accepted that the Blogger Help Forum is for questions about Blogger blogs. The helpers who visit that Forum, are generally experienced with Blogger blogs. Common sense would suggest that the same is apparent with Gmail, AdSense, Calendar, or Android, and many others... (the thing is, common sense ain't common!) I know there are many helpers who visit those Forums, specifically.

Not only will it save time and energy to ask your questions in the correct Forum, it'll help Google, too. Yes, that's right. Google learns things from the Forums, and if the correct questions are in the correct Forums, it makes their job easier - and gets attention to problems applied faster, I'm sure.


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