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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Image Uploading in New Editor, via HTML

Uploading images has always been fraught with problems. Many problems occur from either ignorance of the system, indecision over image order, size, position, and quantity. Most times, it has been because of the 'Wheel of Death' constantly spinning, resulting in frustration, and no images uploaded.

Hopefully, the large percentage of those problems will be extirpated with the New Editor. The primary changes in the Wizard, will be seen when uploading images via the Compose Mode. My next post will be cover those changes and set-out step by step images as a guide.

This post covers uploading images via the HTML Post Editor (using the New Editor).

Initially, you set up your New Post, and click on the Image Upload icon...

The Image icon, will open the Upload Wizard, from where you can make several choices.

1. Choose a Layout (4 Options). This is where your Image will be placed on the page and how the text flows around the image.
  • None - You can position the image
  • Left - The Image will be positioned to the left of the page
  • Centre - The Image will be positioned in the centre of the page
  • Right - The Image will be positioned to the right of the page

2. Image Size - The Wizard will upload your image in one of three sizes - Small, Medium, or Large. "The size option lets you scale the pictures to different sizes within this posting area. Note that the picture will still be uploaded in its full size; this option just determines how it's scaled within the content of your post." 1

3. Browse your computer for an Image - This option allows you to select images from files on your computer, such as 'My Pictures', or 'My Documents'. Click on the 'Browse' and search for the file. Select and 'Open', or double-click. One image per browse.

4. Add another image (max. 5 images). Using the HTML Editor Image Wizard, can sometimes upload less than the selected quantity of images. I have had this happen quite a few times, so I only upload two, to three images per time.

5. and 6. - Images hosted/stored on the Web - see: Blogger Help - "Regarding Pictures from the Web"

7. Upload Your Images

Once the Wizard has uploaded the images, it will display them, as follows:

You click Done, and the Wizard will vanish, leaving your images displayed in HTML script on your page, or, you can view the images via the Compose Mode Editor. The HTML Editor displays the images in <div> ...</div> tags.

Once you have added your text, or re-arranged the images, either by copy/paste, or by click and drag (in the Compose Mode), you can add script in the HTML mode, to make the clickable image open in a separate page, by adding target="_blank", as follows:


1 Blogger Help - How Do I Post Pictures?


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