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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Permissions - Removing an 'Admin' from a Team Blog

Removing an 'Admin' Member of a blog, is very easy, yet it can only be done by another 'Admin' - hopefully, the blog Owner. I have written about protecting yourself as an administrator of a blog, before. However, we still see bloggers in the Help Forum, asking :

"How do I regain my 'Admin' status on my blog. I was removed - by accident." (of course)

When you look at the Settings - Permissions screen, of a blog with more than one 'Admin', you see that there are two 'Remove' options. That means, in the following case, that Bob can 'remove' Roberto, and vice versa. I need to trust Bob implicitly, or he could snatch my blog away from me, etc.

OK. Let's pretend that Bob doesn't want Roberto as an Admin anymore. He clicks on 'Remove' and begins the process...

This next image shows the next (and final) step to remove an Administrator. Bob clicks on the orange button - "Remove Blog Member", and Roberto is gone ...

Bye, Bye, Roberto.

You'll also notice in the above image, that there is no longer any 'Remove' option.
The 'last' administrator of a blog can NOT be removed. Bear this in mind.

It's the same for regular Team Membership, too. The Administrator can 'remove' any other Team Member, but not him/herself.

The Administrator Vs. Author status is something you should be very protective of. Inviting co-administration of a blog is a dangerous step. If you do take it, remember how easy it is to lose your blog.


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