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Sunday, 2 January 2011

What is a blog Administrator?

I was asked, today, about the 'powers' of a blog Administrator.

" say go to Dashboard for the blog, and check I have all options of an owner - what exactly do you mean by this? How do I check this?"

The Administrator of the blog, may well be the original creator of the blog, or an appointed 'member(s)' of the blog. This person(s) has full control over what happens on the blog - Publishing, Settings, Membership, Style, Templates, etc etc. In other words, he/she/they are the Owner(s) of the blog.

Generally, if there is more than one person on a blog, as Administrators, each has equal control, and work as a team in administering the blog. However, each can 'remove' the other from control, so it is vitally important that you trust (implicitly) your fellow Admins. If, by accident, you are removed from control of your blog, by your mistake, or by design, the only way you can get back 'into the boardroom', is to be 'invited' back. That is, one of the other Admins has to put you back.

If you are the 'only' Admin, then you are safe. You can't remove yourself, although some bloggers claim to have done it!

There is also the situation where you may be 'invited' to join another person's blog. Accepting membership has it's own challenges. Nitecruzr (an 'Admin' member on this blog), addresses these.

see also: Blog Author Vs. Blog Admin


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