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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Blog Maintenance - and something to watch out for!

Blog maintenance is very important. There are various reasons for it, one being that sometimes, sites that you link to, may change their URL, or go off air for some reason. Maybe something has gone awry with your blog, too. Maybe an image is not showing, or, as I found in my recent editing, the result of switching from Edit HTML Editor, to COMPOSE (WYSIWYG) Editor.

My Readers don't want to be clicking on a link, to see a blog not found message, or similar. That reflects on me, and my blog. They won't hang around very long as Readers, or Followers, or Subscribers, if that sort of rubbish continually gets served up. So, it is very important to do a regular check of your previous posts, in a blog maintenance program.

I have just finished editing my Recipes blog, and it took me two full days, to edit 88 posts! I am currently looking at my Reflections blog. I didn't have to change every post. I just checked the links were working, and the posts had no other obvious problems. It's time consuming, however.

The one glaring error I did find, however, was the result of careless editing - switching from HTML Editor, to COMPOSE Editor. The only thing I can put my finger on is that it must de-stabilise the post editor, in some way, and things can happen, which you are at a loss to explain. I've written about it, before. I'm sure someone with the techie background of say, Nitecruzr, could name it. I just call it the wobbles.

I noticed links where there were not supposed to be links! What the ....? Is this Déjà vu?

Many of my Readers will know that I use Anchors (<a name="#Linkhere">....</a>) quite often in my posts. I do this for various reasons. I am starting to put a link back to the top of the blog. You'll see them at the conclusion of this post - TOP. The actual Anchors can be anywhere in any of my blogs, but I do put one, or more, in most posts.

I am also guilty of switching back and forth between the editors. Why? I really prefer the Compose Mode, but sometimes need to work in the HTML. The problem is basically that the New Editor changes the Anchor into:
  • a hyperlink, which it is not, and ...
  • it makes the Anchor obvious on the published post, which it is not supposed to be, unless you hover your mouse directly over it.

An Anchor link consists of two parts. The Anchor (Target), and the Link (Trigger) (which doesn't get affected in this case) to that Anchor.

This problem of the Anchor is best shown in the following images ...

Image 1. This is the basic, correct way my post should look, in the HTML Editor.

Image 2. This is the same in the COMPOSE MODE Editor. You won't see any highlighting, or indication that there is an Anchor in place.(Naturally, because you are in 'edit' mode.)

Image 3. This is what happens when I go back to the HTML Editor. You'll see that the Anchor has been changed into a hyperlink! It doesn't link anywhere, yet.

Image 4. Now, when I go back to COMPOSE MODE Editor, it does show as a link. You can see the highlighted words, and they are underlined.

Image 5. Now, when I go back to the HTML Editor, the blog ID and the POST ID have been inserted into the hyperlink.

Image 6. Now, if I publish that edited post, without picking up the error, this is what shows on the published post. A Link, which I neither want, not desire, to be shown on my post.

Image 7. Don't worry, though, no-one can access your blog post editor, other than you, if you are logged-in. This next screen shows what will show if a Reader clicks on the 'alien link'.

... AND, if the Reader does log-in with their own ID, it keeps repeating this process. They can't get to your editor.

So, what a strange occurrence, eh? This is caused by switching from one editor, to the other. A problem which happens too often, but correctable - DON'T DO IT !


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