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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Funny Business at Google - NOT FUNNY at all!

Tthe other day, strange, weird, and totally un-called for funny business was happening to bloggers accounts - generally with GMail. Blogs disappeared, Follower, Picasa, many other Google Account-driven features didn't function - AND - it was all under the pretext of your account being disabled due to a breach of the Google TOS.

What rubbish! Now, thanks to Nitecruzr, we see a trend across the blogOsphere - lots of accounts are being affected this way.

One cruel side of this debacle, is that I have been removed from the Follower list on many blogs, which I loved to read. I have managed to get some back, however, my pride-of-place in the queue, so to speak, has been savaged! I was 'first Follower' on some of those wonderful blogs. That means something only to me, I suppose.

Anyway, it happened at the weekend, most Blogger Employees are away, and today is the Presidents' Day, or as my friend's hubby called it; " ... birthington's Wash day, or something like that."

Hopefully, they'll get on to it, tomorrow. I can only hope that the old adage isn't true about tomorrow (never coming)!

To my Readers, Subscribers, and Followers - thanks for standing by me. This is not an indication of some spamming problem. I am one of the 'good-guys'! If you see that I have 'all-of-a-sudden' stopped Following your blog, it's because of this problem - not me!


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