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Monday, 7 February 2011

Image Distortion? New Editor Compose Mode.

I recently started a new blog, which uses a lot of images. It's a blog about my travels, and images are important.

I normally use the Edit HTML editor, but because it has a limit of only five (5) images per upload, I decided to use the Compose Mode Editor - which seems to be able to upload many more images, in one go. I noticed, several times, that images can get distorted, or not uploaded correctly, when using the Wizard in Compose Mode.

What I also found was, that when I re-uploaded the affected images, the original ones, which appeared distorted, and also distorted when posted to the blog, became good, again. Of course, I now had two images, the same, in the Wizard.

Frustrating and time consuming? Yes.

The only thing I've seen on the subject of image distortion, is in Blogger's Known Issues.


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