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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It never ceases to amaze me!

To the NEW bloggers ...

I never cease to be amazed, at how many people take-up the blogging torch, and run with it - not knowing what it is, how it works, where to find information about it, how to interpret that information if they stumble upon it, what to do if the flame goes out, how to protect what they have - oh, the list is endless! I know! I help out in the Help Forum, and it's getting to the stage that, like many TCs, (Top Contributors), we are developing stock-standard answers to copy and paste as replies, because we are seeing the same old, same old!

This post is going to come back and kick me in the teeth, I'm sure, but, let me ask some questions which, incidentally, are not directed at YOU, my Readers and Subscribers, because you have already proven yourselves smarter than the average bear - by Following, or Subscribing to blogs, such as, this blog, and I bet, Nitecruzr's blogs, and many others like them! It's not meant to be insulting to anyone!

You are, on the most part, successful bloggers, with great blogs. People like Chuck and others, are not all powerful in the IT field - well, Nitecruzr may well be a helluva lot more capable than most, but we all just learn from mistakes, write up what works for us, and search for more answers, and examples, than do most people. YOU know where to find most of your answers, but, when will the average Joe-blogger learn?

Everyday, without fail, bloggers are asking the same old basic questions in the Blogger Help Forum:
  • Help me - I have deleted my gmail account and my blog is gone!
  • How can I make my blog look like it was yesterday? (Give me a break, please!)
  • How do I link to another site?
  • How do I transfer my blog to another account?
  • Why aren't my posts getting published for two weeks?
  • etc etc - ad nauseam!

Really, without wishing to appear as an omnipotent one, and certainly not wishing to appear arrogant, I must ask, isn't it time some people (I'd like to say, grew a brain) learned by themselves?
  • Have average bloggers ever heard of Blogger Help pages (not the forum)?
  • Have they ever done anything, without someone's else's (probably Mummy's) help?
  • If they run out of petrol in the car, do they blame the government? The petrol station?
  • If they can't find someone, do they blame the Council? The Postal Service? You?
  • If they move house, do they tell anyone? Like the Post Office? Get a re-direction?
  • etc.

I know I am being somewhat pedantic here, but it really is becoming a joke. Blogger, itself, is largely to blame, too.

They make it too easy to get a blog. There is NO re-direction to Settings, before you are given a green-light to write your first post! No details of where to find answers, if needed. No tour of the TOS. No, (and this is my favourite gripe), directions as to what to do if you don't like blogging! There should be a notice - in big, coloured letters, highlighted, maybe, telling beginners NOT to delete anything, before they know what they are doing. I wrote this post, back in 2006! I wrote this post back in the same year! Nothing's changed.

I bet if someone's brand-new BMW was to get a puncture, they wouldn't complain to the supermarket! They'd know where to look for the spare! Or, would they take it to the garbage depot, dump it, and then complain to BMW?

Please! Take some time out, to learn where to find answers! Also, learn how to ask questions. Reporting a problem, too, is just as important!


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