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Monday, 14 February 2011

Post Template - Changing Your Options

I don't know about your preferences, but I like the Post Page Option, for Labels, to be just under the Post Title. Don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you in a specific, meaningful way. I just do.

With most blogs, bloggers tend not to worry about it, I suppose. They just tick the Option Boxes in the Blog Post Page Element, -Reactions, - Comments, - Share and leave it at that. I don't. Blogger gave us the ability to vary the way our blogs look, and I try to take advantage of that opportunity, as often, and as tastefully, as possible.

Such was the case, this morning. I was chatting, as I often do, with Nitecruzr, and was asking about this option. I tried moving the Labels Option display, on one particular blog, several times - without success, yet I could do it, and had done it, on other blogs, such as this one. Why?

The first thing, among many that Chuck told me was that the Post Page Options are part of the Post Template - not the Blog Template! There is a difference. Maybe you knew all that, maybe not. I didn't! Oh, I had heard of the two templates, but I didn't know all that stuff - you see, I am not a 'real' techie kinda guy! That's why I study The Real Blogger Status blog, every chance I get!

<b:widget id='Blog1' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'/>

"That one line is the post template ... if you do not select 'expand widget templates' you see that one line.... if you do select 'expand widget templates' that one line turns into hundreds of lines, and the hundreds of lines are the post template ... the post template is a single interchangeable set of code that is moved from blog template to blog template. The post template is not part of the blog template ..." and,

" ... the post date, the post title, the post content, and the label list are all post template components ... because they are all part of the posts...."

Yeah, well, it was getting kinda heavily into techie stuff! Surely there was an easier way? I didn't have to tweak templates, or that kind stuff before. I read all the stuff he was telling me, but all the time, my brain was ticking over for a simple remedy. Then - bingo! Chuck was telling me about re-arranging components on the Post Template ...

"... so when you move the post date, the post title, the post content, and the label list around to different positions in the post, you are rearranging post template contents - all of which is separate from the blog template ..." Thanks Chuck!

Then, it dawned on me. Perhaps changing the Blog Template, itself, might be the remedy. I checked the templates of the other blogs I had success with, and they were all different to this blog in question. So, I navigated to the Design Screen, then the Template Designer, and chose a template like the other blogs had ... fixed-up the background, fonts, colours, etc, tweaked my CSS, and noticed on the preview part of the screen, that the Labels component of the Post Page was where I wanted it - under the Post Title! Yay!

So, various blog templates allow you to make changes to the Post template, and some don't. If you are having the same problem, try changing the template. Worked for me!


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