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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Roberto's Blogs are Back - online, and 're-enabled'

After a very nasty shock, on Saturday, whereby my main GMail account was - 'disabled', my blogs - not found, my email - inaccessible, my images - unseen, my Follower - not working, my heart, broken, and the cat, kicked, (oh, hang on, I don't have a cat! Mmmm?), Roberto's Blogs is back on the air - all blogs, and privileges, restored.

BTW - not one single notifying contact from Google was forthcoming; - no indication of what was to blame, what went wrong, sorry about that, kiss-my-foot (or higher up) - nada, nothing, diddly, kaput! Great at communication, aren't they?

So, there were several lessons learned from those 3 days without my blogs, my primary email, my contacts list, and whatever else. We'll think some more on it and get back to you, with any recommendations.

There's a few things which my friend, Nitecruzr, and I, think are essential security measures to be taken, should this debacle ever occur again, with Google and its GMail.

Watch this space!

p.s. Thank you to the 100s of readers who sent messages of support, and encouragement, to me, over the last few days. They were just what I needed at the time! You're good people!


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