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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Compose Mode Image Wizard - Selection Problem

It was reported, in the Blogger Help Forum today, by Karen, when she asked; ...

- "How to select multiply pictures at once to put directly into your post? ... I can upload multiple pictures, but today it will only allow me to select one picture at a time to add to my post. This is driving me crazy!"

Well, I, too, had the problem when I started to write a post on Uploading Images.

For some reason, the Uploading Wizard, in Compose Mode, will not allow you to select more than one image at a time, to download to your post.

This question thread has been escalated to Blogger for attention.

There is a Roll-up thread in Blogger Help Forum - How Do I? If you have similar problems, please add your information to the thread:

  • Which Browser were you using when this happened?
  • Are your images distorted?
  • Can you only download one image from the wizard, or more?
  • Where are you located? USA, Australia, U.K.?

* I've noticed this problem, of sorts, before.

Thank you.



cina.fong said...

Am I the only one who seems to have this prolonged problem with Linkwithin? The gadget is still extracting postings and pictures that I have deleted long long long ago from my blog, my personal files and even from picasa web album. It is so embarrassing. And it also shows published posts that I have amended in pre-amended versions. Pls help!

Roberto said...

Hi cina.fong
Apa kabar? Selamat siang. Terima kasih untuk menulis kepada saya.

'Linkwithin' is a widget, I believe is NOT Blogger in origin. Therefore, I am unfamiliar with it.

I suggest you add your question to the Blogger Help Forum. Someone there may have experience with this problem.


cina.fong said...

Oh, Saya khabar baik. Terima kasih for your quick respond, Roberto. :)