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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Deleting Comments - Totally - Forever

Deleting a comment is a very easy task. Totally deleting a comment is just the same.

As I mentioned before, if you don't check the Remove Forever option, indication that there has been a comment before, but is not accessible, will always be there, when Comments are viewed.

So, how do I Remove a comment Totally - Forever?

Removing Comments can be done by either:

  • The Original Commenter, or
  • The blog Owner

The Original Commenter can ONLY delete his/her OWN comments!
The blog Owner can delete ANY comment!

The following images show a comment, I made, on a blog post, of which I was NOT an administrator. If I wanted to delete it, I would:

  • Click on the post's title, to show the post on it's own page - therefore displaying comments made
  • Select the comment to be deleted
  • Click on the Trash Can
  • Click, or check, the Remove Forever option box
  • Click Delete

If, as administrator of a blog, I wanted to delete someone else's comment, the process is exactly the same ...

(I didn't delete it, Robert!)

Make sure that you check the Remove Forever option box!


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