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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Did You Forget Your Account Details?

If you are like me, your memory is passed the used-by date. You have to rely on writing things down. I use a pocket-sized indexed book - and I write everything (except my Bank PIN and Password, and my several Google/Blogger Passwords) in it.

The reason I don't write my Bank details, and Google/Blogger Passwords in the book is because I encoded them in another reference source. The address of the source is written in the book, but you'd never guess what it is, because it is encoded, as well. Trouble is, it takes me a while to decipher the code - and I wrote it! ha-ha-ha! (JJF)

I find it difficult to understand how someone can 'Forget' something like their Username and Password. WRITE THEM DOWN!

Google has, at least, assisted, somewhat, in this matter, with recovering sign-in information, and Standard Recovery Options:

  • Secret Question
  • Phone Number SMS
  • Recovery Address

Google must have more links to 'forms', than a retired horse-racing Bookmaker. Every time I look at a Google site, there's lots of links to investigate. The Account Help - Contacting Support site is one such site. This site is for Account Access problems - and the first step in getting an Account Restored!

Another site, with heaps of links, is the What Can We Help You With? - (Contact Support) site. This is the site you need to visit if you can't remember your Account Username, or Password!

Forgotten Password screens:

Forgotten Username screens

This facility is used for Google, as well as non-Google-based accounts!

Take note of all the various links to Help Features, Trouble-shooting, and Information sites.

The big question is: WHY go through all this? Write your Username and Password down, and keep them somewhere - SAFE!


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