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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Follower - Why Can't I find Which Profile I Used?

Strange happenings occurred in the realm of Roberto's Blogs, today.

I remember seeing several bloggers, in the Blogger Forum, asking why they couldn't stop Following, nor find the profile they were using to join Follower, for that blog - therefore, not being able to log on! The Reading List just didn't show that blog as being Followed!

Well, today, I may have stumbled upon an answer.

I have been Following one great blog for ages. When Google Account troubles started for me, the week before last, with the disablement of my primary email account, I raced around trying to re-invent the wheel - namely, re-joining Follower on many superb blogs, that I enjoy reading. This was to lead up to today's problem for me. Basically, carelessness!

You see, today, I came across a blog, with two identical Profile Images in the Follower gadget, but I couldn't sign-in to one of them, because I couldn't find the right profile. Why? I opened every one of my Google Blogger accounts, searched the Follower Reading List, and couldn't find the blog in question listed there - in any of them - other than the original (re-enabled) email account, which was the 'other' image on the gadget. A real dilemma for me.

By sheer chance, I decided to log-out completely from Blogger, and gmail, and I visited the blog in question, as an anonymous Reader - a 'Surfer'. I clicked on the sign-in option of the blog, and finally got a response! Just by sheer luck, I decided to try and log-in with one of my Yahoo email addresses. When, all of a sudden, it worked, I realised that I had used one of my Yahoo profiles - directly - not the Yahoo email / Google account profile, which had it's own Blogger account, to join that blog. Apparently, what I found happening with non-Google email, irrespective of the fact that I had started a Google account with it, the blogs I was Following with that account - did NOT appear in my Follower 'Reading List' on the bottom of the Blogger Dashboard for that account, because that Yahoo account was not linked to my Blogger! As soon as I changed the profile - from Yahoo to my Yahoo-Google account, and then linked to Blogger, all the blogs I was Following, appeared on that Yahoo-Google-Blogger Reading List.

It was no use using a Blogger profile when I didn't use one to begin with! Looking for it in my Reading Lists, was futile - and frustrating!

In the dark recesses of my brain, I think maybe, I clicked the Follow button on the Navbar to cause all this, maybe not. I'll have to try and re-create it - sometime.

I need a holiday!

Somehow, I managed to Follow a blog with my Yahoo email profile, instead of the associated Blogger profile from the Yahoo-Google account. Confusing? Yes, it is. The feature that threw me was the image icon was the same as my primary gmail email. That's since changed, though, so I don't fall into that trap again. I now have a different image icon for different emails. Simple enough.


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